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Every single person living in this world will have to strive each and everyday of their life. There will be the good times and there will be the bad times. When times are good we are happy but when times are bad, well this is the time we worry and life becomes stressfull. Today we feel the stress much more because of the fast moving events that is taking place and we have to live in a much more corrupted environment. So as a Muslim how do we find comfort, peace of mind, contentment, happiness and freedom from worries and anxiety?? There is only one sure way of finding a good life with complete happiness and joy.

1. FAITH AND RIGHTEOUS DEEDS.. This is the greatest and the most fundamentle means. As qouted in the 'Quran'
Whoever works righteousness wether male or female while he or her is a true believer, verily We will give a good life and We shall pay them a good reward in proportion to best that they do. [al Nahl 16:97]

2. BE KIND AND HELP OTHERS AND SAY GOOD THINGS TO THEM AND DO GOOD AT ALL TIMES.. This is one of the means of removing worry, destress and anxiety. As quoted in the 'Quran',
There is no good in most of their secret talks but for him who gives charity [Sedekah] or do good deeds [Makruf] as ordained by 'Allah' swt., or seek conciliation between mankind, he who do this seeking the good pleasure of 'Allah' swt., We will accord him a great reward. [al-Nisa 4:114]

3. OCCUPY ONESELF DOING GOOD DEEDS AND SEEK FOR BENEFICIAL KNOWLEDGE.. The believer is distinguished by his faith, sincerity and hope for a reward by his aquisition of knowledge whilst learning or teaching and occupies himself with work that is beneficial to him or others and enjoy doing it. This will ward off anxiety and disturbing thoughts.

4. FOCUS ONE'S THOUGHT TO THE PRESENT DAY AND NOT WORRYING ABOUT THE FUTURE OR GRIEVE ABOUT THE PAST.. We must learn not to regret the things of the past of which we cannot go back and make it right and we must learn not to worry what the future has in store for us. What is important is that we should make the best of things today and hope that 'Allah' swt., will be pleased with it and pray for his guidance for tommorrow's events. This way you will never have to worry again about yesterday for all that has happen are 'Allah's' will, and 'He' knows what is best for us. This understanding will set our minds to act positively in any work that we do today and with the help of 'Allah' swt., the result will be good and there will be no regrets. This will give you peace of mind.

5. REMEBER 'ALLAH' swt., ALL THE TIME [ZIKIR].. We must always remember 'Allah' swt., all the time. As quoted in the 'Quran',
'Verily, in the rememberance of 'Allah' do hearts find rest' [al Ra'd 13:28]
Zikir has a great effect on us because it has a special influence in the hopes of getting great rewards from 'Allah' swt.

6. ELEMINATE THINGS THAT MAKES US WORRY AND TRY TO ACHIEVE THINGS THAT MAKES US HAPPY.. We must try to forget the bad things in the past, it is no use to dwell on them for we cannot change it. Do not waste time on it. If we have done something bad we must beg for forgiveness [taubat] from 'Allah' swt., with the hope that He will forgive us for He is
Ever Forgiving, and with that we move on. As for the future, we just do what we can today with the hope of a better tommorrow, and the rest we leave it to 'Allah' swt. If He wills it we will achieve what we asked for, but if we do not get what we asked for, we must always trust 'Allah' swt., on His decision for He knows best. He created us and He knows what is good for us and what is not. Maybe what we ask for is not suitable for us. Maybe we are meant for something better. If this is the way you think you will find yourself at peace and your situation will improve and will be relief of worry and anxiety. Our blessed Prophet Muhammad [May the blessings of 'Allah' be upon him] always recite these doas:
i) ' Oh Allah, correct my religious commitments which is the foundation of my life, and correct my worldly matters in which is my livelihood, and grant me good in the hereafter to which is my return. Make my life a means of accumulating good, and make my death a respite for me from all evil.' [Narated by Muslim]

ii) ' I hope for your mercy, so do not abandon me to myself even for a moment, and correct all my affairs, there is no other 'God' but You.' [Narated by Abu Dawood]

7. THINK OF THE WORST THAT COULD HAVE HAPPEN WHEN FACED WITH A DISASTER, A CALAMITY OR A MISFORTUNE.. Learn to accept any misfortune that befalls on us, as it is the will of 'Allah' swt., and think of the worst that could have happen instead. You will feel relieved when you realise that what had happen was not that bad because there are others facing worst situations. One should try to ward off all the negative thoughts by focussing and occupying oneself in doing positive activities to make things better for him or herself and for the family. By doing this, one will feel better and with the help of 'Allah' swt., the situation around him or her will be even better than it was before, 'Inshaallah'.

8. STEADFASTNESS OF THE HEART AND NOT BEING DISTURBED BY IMAGINARY THINGS THAT BAD THOUGHTS MAY BRING TO MIND.. Imagining negative situations can instil fear, anger, frustration and confusion. This will lead you to worry for nothing, feeling distressed and end up feeling sick mentally and physically and could lead you to a nervous breakdown. One must put his or her trust in 'Allah' swt., and not to give in to imagination or let bad thoughts overwhelm him or her. It should be noted that our way of life will go in line with the way we think. If your thoughts are of things that will bring you benefits in your spiritual or worldly afairs, than your life would be a good and happy one. Otherwise it will be the opposite. We all must put all our trust in 'Allah' swt.
'And whosoever puts his trust in 'Allah', then He will suffice him' [al Talaaq 65:3]
If bad things happen to us or there is a fear of such, you should count the many blessings that 'Allah' swt., has given to us and which we still enjoy, be it spiritually or worldly and compare it to the bad things you are faced with. You will come to realise the things overcome the bad things, and this will make you feel better.
Ibn al Qayyim summed fifteen ways through which 'Allah' swt., may dispel worries and regrets.
They are as follows:
1- believe in the oneness of All Mighty God 'Allah' swt.
2- believe in the oneness of the divine nature.
3- believe in the divine names of 'Allah'.
4- believe that 'Allah' is always there to extend help.
5- the wrong is the result of our own doings and not 'Allah'.
6- remembering 'Allah' by his divine names, the most outstanding is Al-Hayy and Al-Qayyum.
7- seeking help from 'Allah' alone.
8- having full trust in 'Allah' and leaving matters to Him.
9- affirming one's hope in 'Allah'
10-reading the 'Quran' seeking knowledge.
11-seeking forgiveness from 'Allah'.
12-repent from wrong doings.
13-jihad in the name of 'Allah'.
14-perform prayers deligently.
15-be humble and accepting the fact that one is weak and useless and whatever that one has or do is by the grace of 'Allah' with His consent.

Only 'Allah' knows and may He bless us all.


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