Thursday, July 03, 2008

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Altantunya's murder case.

Datuk Seri Najib, The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, has on many occasions and even in the Parliament, denied all allegations of his involvement in the Altantunya's murder case. Although I have heard people talking about it, but I just can't believe it. Unless there is some kind of evidence.

Today, 3rd., July 2008, Datuk Seri Anwar released a statement with regards to the DPM's involvement in the murder case. Oh my God 'Allah', what is wrong with these people. They are promenant people in Malaysia. They sodomise and have sex with any beautiful woman they come across? Are these the leaders we are suppose to give support? No no not me and so will all other good citizens of this country. They are all Muslims on the outside but a devil in the inside. The murder case has been going on but it has been stalled for a while, don't know how long.

I remembered once in the TV3 news, when Razak Baginda, the political secretary to the DPM, was arrested, his wife cried out, "My husband is innocent, it's not him who's going to be the Prime Minister." Her cry, has been ringing in my ears ever since. Now with Anwar's press statement, and the solemly declared statement of Balasubramaniam, a private investigator employed by Razak Baginda, I am quite sure of Datuk Seri Najib's or his wife's involvement in the case.

Read all about it:

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, must take immediate action on Najib, before things get blown up right in his face.
You are the rightful Prime Minister and may 'Allah' bless and protect you always.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

In the year 1998, Anwar was sacked from his office as the Deputy Prime Minister, was charged with sodomy and corruption hence was beaten and jailed after a series of court sessions where he was found guilty. Anwar described the court proceedings as a 'kangaroo court'.

I was then quite taken by all this and I thought the charges on him was not true and that it was more politically inclined. As the DPM, Anwar was getting too powerful for Tun Mahathir's liking. I can't believe Anwar portraying himself as a Muslim leader could engaged himself in sodomy. I just could not believe it, especially with the way Prosecution was conducted and the brutal attack on him by the Police. I believe Tun Mahathir was on top of it all and making sure Anwar is to be found guilty as charged. Believe me if Tun is still the PM, Anwar will still be in jail.

Today Anwar is free. He should be thankful to our PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is with the view that the judicial system must be free and not being dictated by any Office or Authority.
Today Anwar is the adviser to Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and also an adviser to the Joint Opposition Front which comprises of PKR, PAS and DAP. With the overwhelming support they got from the recent General Ellections, Anwar has now got a voice. The situation is quite promising for Anwar and his quest to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Now, what has happened. Anwar was charged with sodomy again. On the 28th.June 2008,(Saturday) Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, lodged a Police report alleging that he was sodomised by Anwar on the 26th. June (Thursday)at an apartment in Damansara Heights. When Anwar was notified of this, he quickly go into hiding and sought shelter with the Turkish Embassy on Sunday morning 29th, June. Of course he may say that there were death threats endangering him and his family. Is this so? I don't think so. He was afraid, maybe of his own guilt. Anyway, I am not here to judge, we'll leave it to the courts to decide. The way Anwar is reacting is very much like a man of guilt trying to get out of it by making allegations towards the Government Authorities, and worst by dragging America's involvement into the matter.

In short, I will never support a leader who engage himself in sodomy. It is against Islam and every Muslim should condemn such activity. I guess his ambition of becoming the Prime Minister is tarnished. He is not found guilty yet, but once an allegation is made against him, there is a possibility that he might be guilty. This possibility is in the back of each and every concerned citizen of Malaysia.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


There is the good and evil in each and everyone of us.
Sometimes the good is actually evil for us.
Sometimes, what we think is evil is actually good for us.
That is why God, 'Allah' has embedded a 'thinking brain' for all human beings.
A 'thinking brain', to enable us to analyse and reason on whatever circumstances or situation we are confronted with, in order to make right decisions.
This 'thinking brain' is what that elevates us above all other God's creations.

Monday, December 10, 2007


This country Malaysia is my country and I share it with all TRUE MALAYSIANS as it is their country too.
Allahyarham Tungku Abdul Rahman and all the Malay Leaders who fought for its independence are all my heroes.
The British gave the independence with the condition that the Chinese and Indians are to be accepted as citizens of the country. This was accepted by the Malay leaders.
At that time the Malays, Chinese and Indians lived in harmony.
Today in Malaysia, we still live in harmony, with the exception of a few Chinese who still consider China their mother country and Indians who still consider India their mother country. To the Malays and most of other Malaysians, Malaysia is their mother land, and these are the TRUE MALAYSIANS.

Malaysia is a peaceful country. We try to be friends with all countries of the world we do not get involve in the internal affairs of other countries. We respect all their elected leaders and respect their customs and tradition. Day to day it is developing into a prosperous Nation, well respected all over the world. All Malaysians be it the Malays, Chinese and Indians benefit from the wealth of the Nation. Still there is resentment and dissatisfaction amongst those unfaithful Malaysians. These unfaithful Malaysians (hypocrites) they like to stay and reap the wealth of the Nation but will not be grateful to it. They create havoc in this country and if should there be any chaos, they will be the first to leave the country and will only be back when everything is in order again. Now, who will be the ones that's going to stay and defend and fight for safety of this Nation? Those who defend and fight for the Nation if there should be any chaotic events or any infiltration are non other than the TRUE MALAYSIANS.

Surprisingly after 50 years of independence the UMNO, MCA, and the MIC who has managed the country can be at logger heads with each other with regards to issues relating to religious believes and customs. Most of the demands are from the Chinese and the Indian community. Their demands are more of a racial content that benefits their community only and not all Malaysians. The Government on the other hand has been very lenient and patient with these demands. In respect to this the Government has taken steps for the building of Chinese schools, Indian schools and also allocating land for the construction of temples. The steps taken by the Government, are to satisfy the grievances of the Chinese and the Indian community. This is not enough for some of them. They want more. Be it whatever they are rallying or demanding, there must be a limit as to what the Government can tolerate. As TRUE MALAYSIANS, we urge the government to take stern actions on all the culprits who are responsible for any kind of unruly chaos and rebellious actions of any community. Those who are leaders to these kind of rebellious actions, be it Ministers, Priests or Community leaders must be prosecuted and sentenced to imprisonment, as this is an act of disturbing the peace and could cause hurt to other innocent citizens.

I am just a Malaysian who like other TRUE MALAYSIANS, who wants peace in this country. I therefore urge, those who are not comfortable being a Malaysian, to leave the country and be citizens of other countries of their choice. As TRUE MALAYSIANS, we do not want hypocrites. The Government should give out free non return airfares to those who want to leave the country, and they will be banned from entering this country again, except if they come in legally as any other foreigners for a visit as a tourist.

Friday, November 30, 2007

A Blessed Achievement

My son Jon has acquired his Masters Degree majoring in Information Technology in Strategic Management at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. He did very well and got a distinction for his effort. He became the top student in his faculty and top foreign student in the whole University.

Although this is my son's achievement, I feel like it is mine, and I thank the 'God' Almighty for it. His wife Rin and my two grand daughters, my wife and his two brothers are proud of him and feel very happy. Besides that, his uncles and aunties too, are proud of him. I am very grateful to my sister Lina and my brother in law Kali for their initial financial support to enable him to enroll to the University. I tried to get a scholarship for him from all sources including the government but was turned down.

Its been a struggle for the whole family. Each and everyone of us sacrificed a lot in our own little way, to see him through his studies. This is a big achievement for the family. I hope with this achievement, my son Jon will be able acquire a good job with a very good stable salary to support the family and to settle all outstanding loans that is overdue and to help and enable his brothers to achieve the same in their respective fields.

I am 59 turning 60, and live day to day with a positive mind set that everyday will be a better day than yesterday. I do not have fear for anybody how big or powerful they are. What is right I'll say it's right and what is wrong I'll say it's wrong. I do not know how much lifetime is left for me in this world, but I'll go on with it doing what is right. During my struggle I noticed a few negative reactions from the people and things around me, but left it like that and kept going on as though I did not notice it, and kept it inside me. All this is due to the one thing I lack, and that is money. Without money you become useless, without money you become stupid, without money you have no say, without money people do not respect you. (This is how people think.) Humiliation, thats what you have to go through. That's what I have to go through, but I put it aside and go on living with a big smile on my face. There's no time to brood about it.

With my son's achievement I now have a better and brighter foresight for the family, in the near future. I thank God 'Allah' for all his love and kindness for my family. God has protected us from all harm and ill intentions of others towards us. I pray God will make my son Jon a considerate, patient, charitable, loving, helpful, kind and thoughtful person and also a humble obedient servant of God 'Allah'. 'InshaAllah'.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Jesus the son of Mary

Jesus was a prophet sent by God 'Allah' for the children of Israel.
He was a human being gifted with extraordinary powers.
His main purpose was to give guidance to the people and to make them aware of the
presence of GOD 'Allah', who is their creator.
His birth was God's miracle.
God who creates this whole universe, and all that lives within, has only to say 'be it' and its done. He does not need any helper.
Jesus prays to the one God 'Allah', and this is the God we pray to till today.
He is not the son of God but only a servant of God just like any other prophet.
It is ridiculous to assume that God the creator of this universe and the world we live in, would go down to the level of his creation by resuming the form of a human being.
As a Muslim leader he leads others to live in the way that is prescribed by God.
The Israelis, although they knew what he preaches was right, hated him. They chased him and wanted to kill him. Jesus ran for his life, but was cornered. God 'Allah' saved him. God lifted Jesus to his side (only He knows where). Amongst the Israels that chased him, there was one that was ahead of them all. This person entered the room where Jesus was, but of course Jesus is not there anymore. A while later the crowd arrived and found the guy who was ahead of them in the room. To them that was Jesus. They caught him and crucified him. Little did they know the person they crucified was not Jesus.
Jesus is safe with God the creator, and he will be sent down again to this world, body and soul, and one of the first things he will do is to make right the religion of God 'Allah'. As Muslims we look forward to this moment of truth.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Israelis in North Iraq

Turkey now has fortified its border with North Iraq with its army and heavy artilleries. All in the state of readiness to strike at anytime. There's great tension building up with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK),Party For Free Life In Kurdistan (PJAK)in Northern Iraq. Talks have been going on between US officials and the European officials with the Turkish Prime Minister.
I hope some kind of peaceful settlement will come out of all this.
What's disturbing to know is that, amidst all this, the Israelis seem to be having another agenda of their own. They have been buying land in North Iraq.
What are they up to? I am sure the US is aware of this.
North Iraq is also a neighbor to Iran.
Besides Oil, they could be building up some kind of defense build up of their own.
This will definitely cause Iran to speed up with its Nuclear ambition.
Another big crisis. Unless something is done.