Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daimond to glass. Glass to daimond.

In this world there's the privileged and there's the non privileged.
The privileged are seen in limousines, luxury cars,expensive sport cars, banquets and at the high end shopping arcades and but of course live in big banglow houses.
The non privileged will of course be seen walking, some on bicycles or buses or even in some old cars and they live in low cost flats or some run down homes in the suburbs.
Imagine these two contrasting lifestyle.
Now lets take a beautiful lady from a privileged family and another from a non privileged family. We give each of them a ring to wear on their finger. A glass stoned ring to the privileged and a real diamond to the non privileged.
We present them to the people at large. Guess what happens??
The glass ring becomes a diamond ring on the rich lady's finger and the diamond ring becomes glass on the poor lady's finger.
With all the intelligence that we acquire in our lives, we can still be fooled.
Think about it.


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