Friday, December 30, 2005


Everywhere you go in this world, you can find people begging for food or money. I was in the United Kingdom few months back, and stayed in a place called Wood Green. We rented an apartment there as it was cheaper for I had my whole family with me. Wood Green is a nice place, all my family members liked it very much. What I was shocked was to have come across some beggers comming around the apartment. They come to the apartment door and said, " Please sir, can you spare 50 p for the homeless". Being foriegners we were afraid. We just said "Sorry", and closed the door. There was another incident when I was in a bus with my family, a young lady approached me and asked me, "Can you spare a Pound sir, I have not eaten the whole day". I was shocked, but I gave her one pound because I could see that she didn't look good. I guess this is all due to hardship.
A few years back in New Delhi, India, I was also shocked when I got down from the train from Madras. It was night, I don't remember the time, I could see a lot of people sleeping all over the railway station. They were sleeping on the floor and the benches. No way can you find a spot to sit, its all occupied. While we were going out to get a taxi, there were a stream of kids chasing after us with thier hands reaching out asking for money. A friend accompanying us told us not to give anything, because it will attract the others and we'll have a big crowd to handle. I manage to give to some of them when I was about to get on the taxi, or is it a tootut. Anyway it was a three wheeler covered motor cycle. We stayed at a place called Ceylon House, since one of our friend was a Ceylonese [Sri Lankan] and he could get us rooms there. Cheap of course. I stayed in Delhi for 3 days and I see beggers almost every corner. I guess I can understand, India being over populated and there are so many people unemployed.
I mention these two places because I personally experienced these incidents. I guess begging is seen everywhere in the world.
Here in Malaysia there are a number of them too. They will be at the Mosques every Friday, at the 'pasar malam' , parking lots and at eating spots at night. Some of them are crippled and some are blind being led by a child. Its a pity sight to see .
My intention of writtng this article is because I feel sad to see all these unfortunate people being neglected. First of all by their own families and secondly by the authorities. Come to think of it, it is more a family responsibility. What happens to 'Charity begins at home'. In Islam the rich must take care of the poor. Begining from the immediate family, than relatives , friends, neighbours and the community. If every family practice this principle, there will hardly be any beggers on the street.
I hearby appeal to all the people of the world to get in contact with their family members who are in need. Help them, feed them make them a useful human being.
The authorities should also step in to those who have nobody to turn to. Put them in shelters.
This will make the world a better place for everybody.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sadam Hussien

The former Iraqi leader is on trail for the astrocities that happen years ago whilst he was the president. Funny no action was taken when the incidents actually occured. Maybe there were some other people involved? They got the guy who supplied chemicals to Iraq. He is not the only one who was there trying to make money, I am sure there are others. Anyway thats how the world works today if you are not caught you are not guilty. I am just presuming only. I do not have the facts. Why not I don't do anybody any harm. The allied forces who invaded Iraq is worst they presume Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and they destroyed the city of Baghdad and the people of Iraq without having valid facts. The U. S. secretary Mr. Collin resigned because he cannot bear the shame where he was trying to convince UN members with unvalid facts. I can understand him.
Back to Mr. Sadam, when he was president the US ties with Iraq was ok, until he tried to invade
Kuwait. This was actually his downfall I guess. He got greedy. What was his reason I would like to know. Anyway I did meet some Arabs and they told me that some of the Kuwaities actually agreed with Mr. Sadam's move. They feel that Iraq and Kuwait should join together, because they are sharing the oil wealth possibly from the same well. The Kuwaities that oppose this invation are the ones at the top fearing they will loose their grip on the oil wealth. They turn towards US for help. The US helped free Kuwait at the same time helped themselves with some oil wealth.
Now Mr. Sadam is on trial. He will be facing a tough trail. You know why? It is because no matter how effective his lawyers are going to be, the judge by the looks of it, has already got a verdict. This whole court scenario is to proof that justice is done. Mr. Sadam will be executed, I am sorry to say. This is my opinion. We will se how things work out.
Anyway if should Mr. Sadam found guilty by this court orchestrated by the US government, Mr. Bush must also be found guilty for the lost of innocent lives in Iraq. Be it Iraqies or the allied forces. This is for going to war in haste without studying the facts. They can blame it on the Inteligence or the CIA but still the President is responsible. Furthermore he has admitted it. There was no weapons of mass destruction. I forgot Mr. Bush has changed his reason it's to oust the dictatorial leader Mr. Sadam or is it to liberate Iraq. He trying everything he can to validate his decision. Well you cannot right the wrong. That is why his popularity is deteriorating.
Back to Mr. Sadam, seeing him in court, I would say he is not afraid of whatever the outcome of the trail. For all you know he could be innocent of wrong doings. Maybe the masacre implied is executed by his Generals and he is unaware of it. Just like Mr. Bush, he was unaware of inteligence foul up when he made the decision to go to war.
My opinion is that Iraq should be left alone. All allied forces are to leave Iraq now. Let the Iraqies form their government the way they want it to be. The US need not woorry about Iraq or Mr. Sadam. The Iraqies know what to do.
There's going to be a big loss for the US and the allied forces. Thats the price to pay for arrogance, ignorance and sellfishness, but it is the right decision. The allied forces has to cut off the wrong that had been done. Do not prolong what is wrong in the first place, it will only lead you to more wrongs.
The best solution to restore Iraq is to give it back to the rightfull leader Mr. Sadam Hussien.
Peolpe may say I am crazy but thats my opinion.

English Language

I am an old guy fortunate enough to go through the education system where the English Language was tought in all subjects, except for Bahasa Kebangsaan {Bahasa Malaysia}. I say fortunate because it is the most competetive language today especially on the internet. We have to emphasise the language for the younger generation. It is important for them to master it to compete in a borderless world.
As a patriotic Malaysian, the Bahasa Malaysia must be upheld as a formal language for all Malaysians, but Bahasa Malaysia cannot compete with the English Language when you want to go global. Imagine when delegates are sent for conferences overseas and not being able to understand what is being discussed or worst not being able to speak up when requested to. This will be a disgrace to country. Maybe this has already happen but everything is hushed up. I have visted schools in Malysia especially in Penang and Selangor, and I have spoken to Haedmasters and Headmistresses and I am rather shocked to find that they are unable to converse in English. The teachers teaching the language also do not converse in English. The only time they speak English is when they are teaching the subject. In todays textbooks you can also find gramar mistakes and spelling mistakes. What they are teaching today is only Comunication English and not the language as a whole. It is unfortunate that we are lagging behind Singapopre in education who uphold the old system to date.
What are we going to do? Leave it as it is now? Of course not. That is why Tun Mahadhir our former Prime Minister had to do something drastic before he left the office. He saw the competetiveness ahead and the incompetance of our people facing the global chalenges ahead. That is why he at least implemented English in Science and Marhematical subjects. It is a waste of time to change the scientific and mathematical terms in Bahasa Malaysia. It will only complicate matters.
For those who oppose the implementation of English Language in our education system, I say to them think again. I don't think you are being patriotic at all. We must look at the future generations to come. How far do you want us to lagg behind? There is a case of my own niece who was sent to United KIngdom to further her studies. She could not keep up with her work because she did not understand what the lecturer was saying. {english accent}. She had to pack up and return back. Now she is in our local university. This could happen to any of our children.
Maybe the majority of those who oppose are the Malays. I am a Malay too. Wake up, be a progresive Malay, learn English.
I have no intention of offending anybody, and if there are gramatical mistakes or spelling mistakes please forgive me for I too have not been able to polish my English.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Free World

Thank 'God' the creator fo all universe, the world we live in with everything in it, including me and you. This world we live in is so beautiful and so wonderful. We inherit it from our forefathers in its natural form with all the fresh clean air and clean water. Thinking about it I guess that's why they can live hundreds of years old.
Time has changed and things are getting to move faster. Lives are shorter and children are springing up all over the globe. The population of the world has grown thus it creates competition among the human race in order to survive and to have a comfortable living. One has to compete in order to move forward. If ever you stop for any reason at all, the others will overtake you, be it in any field you are engaged in. We all have to accept this and try to live our lives the best we can. We have to adapt to the changes around us and compromise to situations we encounter along the way.
Today we are faced with leaders of countries that are well equipt with modern weapons trying to overule and occupy another weaker country. With their weapons they kill innocent human lives without feeling any guilt. They try to reason themselves out of it by making up stories for the people to believe what they are doing is right. Some even associate themselves with religious sentiments. They twist and turn their facts in order to get support. They are even prepared to kill themselves.
While all this is happening business are going on with the latest technology in all kinds of products. All kinds off gasses are poluting the air. The ozone layer is getting thinner. The glaziers are meltting.
Can we ever stop for an instance and think what is going to happen in fiture? What is this world going to be like in 10 or 20 years? I geuss not. Everybody is busy doing their own thing basically to survive.
I would apreciate it if there's something we could do. We are all humans and so are the leaders and rulers of all the countries of the world. The world belong to us. Everyone has got his right. I can't think of anybody will want to destroy this world. We all love this world we live in. Why can't we all live peacefully together in harmony?
The UN is established to have some kind of control on the countries of the world. Why is it that some countries are given vito powers and some have no say at all? Small or big, rich or poor there are human lives living in that country. If countries are well represented , I don't think there will be an Iraq war. People are getting smarter, they graduate from colledges and universities. All these education teaches them deplomacy at all levels of their education. Why is it that they loose their heads when they are at the top?
Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, Mr Kofi Anan and to all the leaders of the world, calm down take a deep breath and think you are as human as we all are. Think what good you can do to better this world we live in. Do not be selfish when making decisions. Think of how it will effect the people of your country and the peolpe of the world. What has hppen is done nothing can change it. We have to move on.
It will be ideal to have to go anywhere in this world without feeling scared and hassle free. People should not look down on one another. Free to believe in thear religion. Only than can we focus on better human development. People can be focussed on doing what is right. We can be open to discuss what is wrong to avoid future generations making mistakes.
I am a simple man and all I want is peace in this world we live in. Better for me and better for you. A free world for all.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Fairytale Wedding

On the 17th. December, that's last Saturday, I attended a wedding. The bridegroom is my nephew. We are actually a very normal common family my brothers and sisters. We were shocked that a family member on the bride side has actualy invited the King and the Queen to be present at the wedding reception. This is a great honour to the whole family, especially to my nephew and his bride. None of us has ever dreamt that this could happen, but it did. The event was well organised and everybody enjoyed themselves. The King and Queen was kind enough to go around meeting guests and shaking thier hands. I was honoured to meet them both. This is
unbelievable yet its true. 'GOD' works in mysterious ways.