Monday, November 19, 2007

Jesus the son of Mary

Jesus was a prophet sent by God 'Allah' for the children of Israel.
He was a human being gifted with extraordinary powers.
His main purpose was to give guidance to the people and to make them aware of the
presence of GOD 'Allah', who is their creator.
His birth was God's miracle.
God who creates this whole universe, and all that lives within, has only to say 'be it' and its done. He does not need any helper.
Jesus prays to the one God 'Allah', and this is the God we pray to till today.
He is not the son of God but only a servant of God just like any other prophet.
It is ridiculous to assume that God the creator of this universe and the world we live in, would go down to the level of his creation by resuming the form of a human being.
As a Muslim leader he leads others to live in the way that is prescribed by God.
The Israelis, although they knew what he preaches was right, hated him. They chased him and wanted to kill him. Jesus ran for his life, but was cornered. God 'Allah' saved him. God lifted Jesus to his side (only He knows where). Amongst the Israels that chased him, there was one that was ahead of them all. This person entered the room where Jesus was, but of course Jesus is not there anymore. A while later the crowd arrived and found the guy who was ahead of them in the room. To them that was Jesus. They caught him and crucified him. Little did they know the person they crucified was not Jesus.
Jesus is safe with God the creator, and he will be sent down again to this world, body and soul, and one of the first things he will do is to make right the religion of God 'Allah'. As Muslims we look forward to this moment of truth.


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