Sunday, November 11, 2007

Israelis in North Iraq

Turkey now has fortified its border with North Iraq with its army and heavy artilleries. All in the state of readiness to strike at anytime. There's great tension building up with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK),Party For Free Life In Kurdistan (PJAK)in Northern Iraq. Talks have been going on between US officials and the European officials with the Turkish Prime Minister.
I hope some kind of peaceful settlement will come out of all this.
What's disturbing to know is that, amidst all this, the Israelis seem to be having another agenda of their own. They have been buying land in North Iraq.
What are they up to? I am sure the US is aware of this.
North Iraq is also a neighbor to Iran.
Besides Oil, they could be building up some kind of defense build up of their own.
This will definitely cause Iran to speed up with its Nuclear ambition.
Another big crisis. Unless something is done.


Blogger Majid Anwar said...

Crap!! Look at the nonsense created... How can BN behave like that.

12:23 PM  
Blogger abdul beig said...

He doesn’t deserve to participate in Malaysian politics, he humiliates the tamil, and our culture

5:23 AM  

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