Friday, February 24, 2006

*Terrorism Spells Weakness*

I have been trying to write on terrorism for a long time now, for I feel its been widespread all over the world and almost everybody is trying to write about it but they are very much one sided or baised.
First of all lets analyse what terrorism means. Terrorism means voilence and intimidation that causes people to be frighten, scared, horrified, bullied, afraid, petrified, in astate of shocked, in a state of ransom, tortured, humiliation, suppression, cornered and helplessness. People who uses their strength, weapons or authority or ideology and cause anyboby in a state of terror of any kind is a terrorist.
Today there are people who resort to the tactics of terrorism for their own benefits. Why is this so? Simply because they are weak in intelligence, weak in discussions, weak in diplomacy, weak in support and weak in military capabilities. I think this is a fair assesment.
From here I think we can understand as to who are using terrorism as an agressor , who are using it as a revenge, who are using it to protect themselves and their homeland and who are using it for political gains.
There were times at school where students were bullied by some seniors who extort money from them. This is terrorism.
There were times where a gang of people held your family member at gun point demanding you to pay money. This is terrorism.
There are countries using their military might to invade another country for no particular reason. This is terrorism.
There are people resorting to avenge their agressors by means of suicide bombings. This is terrorism.
There is a long list of these incidents happening in the world today, but the worst of all terrorism is to torture, humiliate and kill captives in prison who are in the state of helplessness.
Put yourselves in their position and think how it feels like.
To think that a country like America that champions democracy can resort to these tactics of terrorism on to the inmates in Guantanamo Bay and the Abu Ghaib prisons, is very sad indeed.
It just makes you think how they are training their young military personnels in to being a terrorist rather than a peace keeper.
There is an old saying 'Do not do to others what you do not want done unto you'. This is something to think about and it applies to each and evryone of us who believes in keeping peace in this world of ours.