Thursday, April 13, 2006


Knowledge is from 'God' our creator. Each of us are entrusted with some of it.
We can read the Quran, over and over again but only a few will comprehend its content in depth. Sometimes facts are so crystal clear but most of us are just plain ignorant.
We fail to see or we just can't be bothered.
When we are asked, 'What is ISLAM'?
The answer they will come up with is , 'The way of life'.
From the professors to the students and the lay man on the streets their answer will be , 'The way of life', and this is being accepted all over the world.
I am not saying its wrong, but to my understanding, ISLAM is much more than that.

Behold.. In the creation of the heavens and the earth;
In the alternation of the nights and day;
In the sailing of the ships through the ocean
For the profit of mankind;
And the rain which Allah sends down from the skies,
And the life which He gives therewith to an earth that is dead;
In the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth;
In the change of the winds, and the clouds which they trail like their slaves
Between the sky and the earth.
{Here} indeed are signs for a people that are wise.

{Al Quran...Baqarah 164}

To Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and on the earth;
To Him do all questions go back [for decision].

{Al Quran...Ali Imran 109}

I qoute these two verses of the Al Quran at random as translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
In fact there are many other verses expressing the dominance of 'God' over this world and all the universe. Now I say, all the universe because there is the possibility that there are other galaxies besides the one we are living in, and all of this is in 'His' control and belongs to 'Him'.
This is something all Muslims must acknowledge.
When 'God' says ,'To 'Him' belongs all that is in the heavens and earth', it simply implies that 'He' owns all the universe and this world we live in, including all life on earth which includes you and me. 'He' is the 'God allmighty'. ['Allah' subhana wataala.]

As the creator, everything 'He' creates has a purpose and a specific function, from the smallest of atoms in the admosphere, the cells in our body to the largest of mountains on earth and the overall structure of the universe. The universal intelligence of 'God' is something no human being can imagine.
With the understanding that all 'God's' creation has its function, it is therefore logical that each and everything submits to 'His' will. It is 'His' will that the world ratates on its axist, it is 'His' will that the moon rotates around the earth, it is 'His' will that all the planets rotates around the sun and it is 'His' will that life in this world lives. All these submits to 'His' will in acordance to the guide lines 'He' has specified without any hesitation. All things respond to 'His' command simultaneously in harmony. He shapes everything in line with its function. Now what about these pea brained scientist who says there was a big bang? These pea brained humans think they have answers to everything. If there was a big bang , than how do you explain the specific shapes of the planets in our solar system? Why are some planets with a moon rotating around it? Why must the planets rotate around the sun? Understand this oh people of the world, that there is no denial that there exist a 'God' the 'One God' that rules this universe. Scientist can carry on with their researches with the evidence that 'God' has provided but they can never create something from nothing.

With the understanding of the dominance of the 'One God' over all things in this universe, the things that are around you including ourselves and the compulsion of all these submiting to 'His' will, is the clear evidence of ISLAM.

ISLAM means to submit to the one command of the 'Allmighty God' [ALLAH].
This is ISLAM since the begining of time and this is what the prophets of the world preached to their people. Eversince Adam, Abraham, Moses , Jesus and Muhammad [May the blessings of 'God' be upon them]. They were very clear in thier teachings. It is only the humans who are trying to make changes favourable to themselves. Presently there is only one 'God's Book' that is in its original text, and that is the 'Quran'.

The 'God's Book' that is the 'Quran' teaches humans 'The Way Of Life' that is accepted by 'God', and with the physical example potrayed by the Prophets of the world and the last of the Prophets of 'God' is Muhammad [May the blessings of 'Allah" be upon him].

I sincerely hope this blog will clarify any doubts and will put us all in focused with the reality of ISLAM. [May 'God' bless all of us].

I write this in accordance to my understanding. [Only 'God' has all knowledge].

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Our prayer to the 'One God'

All praise is due to the 'One God', the creator of the whole universe and this world we live in.
'He' is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.
'He' has the power to create everything we are exposed to now and 'He' has the power to end it all at any time 'He' wishes as 'He' is the overall 'King' of the Universe.

To 'Him' we bow our heads in prayer in full respect of the power 'He' has over us and our affairs,
and to 'Him' we ask for help in our state of helplessness as nothing can happen without 'His' will.

We ask of 'Him' to lead and guide us on the righteous and straight path.
A path in which we are able to gain 'His' favour and blessings like that of the people of the past whom 'He' has favoured and blessed.
We ask 'Him' to give us the strength to refrain from any wrong doings which can lead to 'His' anger on to us and to keep us away from those people who are astray from the rihgteous path, people who are condemned by 'Him'. (Fatihah Al-Quran)

Amin [So be it].

This is the prayer of every 'Muslim'. It is also the opening and the begining of 'The Holy Quran',
which has been sent down to our great 'Prophet Muhammed' [May the blessings of' Allah' be upon him].
This prayer poised us humans in a state of helplessness and ever so in need of 'His' consent and assistance in each and every thing that we do. 'He' created every little cell in our body and 'He' knows what we think, what we say and what we do.
'He' knows what is in store for us tommorrow and the days to come, but we know not.
We can plan for our future undertakings but it is 'He' who determines its success. Not all that we plan is good for us. Only 'He' knows what's good and what's bad for us.
This bountyful world is for us reap and harvest in order to sustain our lifelyhood. There are some who gets more than they need and there are some who gets just enough and some barely enough to survive. It is compulsary for those who have more than enough to supplement or give to those in need. This is the balance of need as in zakah.
Rich or poor humans in the eyes of 'God' is the same. The rich will be tried with their riches and the poor with poverty. There are many obstacles or problems that we have to go through in our lives. We need 'His' help in order to solve them. If any human think they can manage without 'God's' help they can be categorised as arrogant towards 'God'.
It is very important that we have to guide ourselves in accordance to what is being stated in the 'Holy Book Al Quran' and the examples as stated in the 'Hadiths' of our Prophet Muhamad [May the blessings of Allah be upon him] so as to be in 'God's' favour at all times.
In todays world there are two things that has caused many humans to go astray from the righteous path, riches and freedom of sex. [I have written on freedom of sex in my last blog.]

I pray that this blog will reach the hearts of those who read it and may 'God' extend his favour on to them and make them turn to him in prayers.

Please note that my translation of the surah 'Al Fatihah' is in the form of my understanding. The original which is in Arabic is the most precise. Only 'God' knows.