Friday, November 30, 2007

A Blessed Achievement

My son Jon has acquired his Masters Degree majoring in Information Technology in Strategic Management at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. He did very well and got a distinction for his effort. He became the top student in his faculty and top foreign student in the whole University.

Although this is my son's achievement, I feel like it is mine, and I thank the 'God' Almighty for it. His wife Rin and my two grand daughters, my wife and his two brothers are proud of him and feel very happy. Besides that, his uncles and aunties too, are proud of him. I am very grateful to my sister Lina and my brother in law Kali for their initial financial support to enable him to enroll to the University. I tried to get a scholarship for him from all sources including the government but was turned down.

Its been a struggle for the whole family. Each and everyone of us sacrificed a lot in our own little way, to see him through his studies. This is a big achievement for the family. I hope with this achievement, my son Jon will be able acquire a good job with a very good stable salary to support the family and to settle all outstanding loans that is overdue and to help and enable his brothers to achieve the same in their respective fields.

I am 59 turning 60, and live day to day with a positive mind set that everyday will be a better day than yesterday. I do not have fear for anybody how big or powerful they are. What is right I'll say it's right and what is wrong I'll say it's wrong. I do not know how much lifetime is left for me in this world, but I'll go on with it doing what is right. During my struggle I noticed a few negative reactions from the people and things around me, but left it like that and kept going on as though I did not notice it, and kept it inside me. All this is due to the one thing I lack, and that is money. Without money you become useless, without money you become stupid, without money you have no say, without money people do not respect you. (This is how people think.) Humiliation, thats what you have to go through. That's what I have to go through, but I put it aside and go on living with a big smile on my face. There's no time to brood about it.

With my son's achievement I now have a better and brighter foresight for the family, in the near future. I thank God 'Allah' for all his love and kindness for my family. God has protected us from all harm and ill intentions of others towards us. I pray God will make my son Jon a considerate, patient, charitable, loving, helpful, kind and thoughtful person and also a humble obedient servant of God 'Allah'. 'InshaAllah'.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Jesus the son of Mary

Jesus was a prophet sent by God 'Allah' for the children of Israel.
He was a human being gifted with extraordinary powers.
His main purpose was to give guidance to the people and to make them aware of the
presence of GOD 'Allah', who is their creator.
His birth was God's miracle.
God who creates this whole universe, and all that lives within, has only to say 'be it' and its done. He does not need any helper.
Jesus prays to the one God 'Allah', and this is the God we pray to till today.
He is not the son of God but only a servant of God just like any other prophet.
It is ridiculous to assume that God the creator of this universe and the world we live in, would go down to the level of his creation by resuming the form of a human being.
As a Muslim leader he leads others to live in the way that is prescribed by God.
The Israelis, although they knew what he preaches was right, hated him. They chased him and wanted to kill him. Jesus ran for his life, but was cornered. God 'Allah' saved him. God lifted Jesus to his side (only He knows where). Amongst the Israels that chased him, there was one that was ahead of them all. This person entered the room where Jesus was, but of course Jesus is not there anymore. A while later the crowd arrived and found the guy who was ahead of them in the room. To them that was Jesus. They caught him and crucified him. Little did they know the person they crucified was not Jesus.
Jesus is safe with God the creator, and he will be sent down again to this world, body and soul, and one of the first things he will do is to make right the religion of God 'Allah'. As Muslims we look forward to this moment of truth.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Israelis in North Iraq

Turkey now has fortified its border with North Iraq with its army and heavy artilleries. All in the state of readiness to strike at anytime. There's great tension building up with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK),Party For Free Life In Kurdistan (PJAK)in Northern Iraq. Talks have been going on between US officials and the European officials with the Turkish Prime Minister.
I hope some kind of peaceful settlement will come out of all this.
What's disturbing to know is that, amidst all this, the Israelis seem to be having another agenda of their own. They have been buying land in North Iraq.
What are they up to? I am sure the US is aware of this.
North Iraq is also a neighbor to Iran.
Besides Oil, they could be building up some kind of defense build up of their own.
This will definitely cause Iran to speed up with its Nuclear ambition.
Another big crisis. Unless something is done.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daimond to glass. Glass to daimond.

In this world there's the privileged and there's the non privileged.
The privileged are seen in limousines, luxury cars,expensive sport cars, banquets and at the high end shopping arcades and but of course live in big banglow houses.
The non privileged will of course be seen walking, some on bicycles or buses or even in some old cars and they live in low cost flats or some run down homes in the suburbs.
Imagine these two contrasting lifestyle.
Now lets take a beautiful lady from a privileged family and another from a non privileged family. We give each of them a ring to wear on their finger. A glass stoned ring to the privileged and a real diamond to the non privileged.
We present them to the people at large. Guess what happens??
The glass ring becomes a diamond ring on the rich lady's finger and the diamond ring becomes glass on the poor lady's finger.
With all the intelligence that we acquire in our lives, we can still be fooled.
Think about it.

Viceroy on earth

Human beings are the best of all the creations of God (Allah) in this whole universe.
Perfected and independent in thoughts and deeds.
Given with the knowledge and wisdom to evaluate and appreciate the good and the ability to detect what's bad or evil.
This Earth is our inheritance from God, to live, to love, to share and to mold and accommodate in accordance to our needs.
The intelligence incorporated in our brains makes us a superior being above all other God's creations.
All of us have a purpose on this Earth, as programed by the Supreme Universal Intelligence (Allah).
How we go about our daily lives and how we overcome obstacles in life as it confronts us, is the ultimate challenge for everyone of us.
With feelings of sadness and happiness we trail along the winding road that finally ends up confronting Him (Allah), our creator.

We are but a Viceroy of 'Allah' (God) here on Earth.